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Give paper the elbow with SmartHUB.

SmartHUB allows you to create all the relevant logs the LCCP instructs you to keep but ensures transparency, clarity and uniformity.

The tablet becomes your pen and paper, the portal gives you full visibility and access to all your information, that you need for your regulatory return.

SmartEXCLUSION on a tablet device




Self-exclusion platform

Input & view your self-excluders, run reports and monitor usage. The UKs most used at venue digital self-exclusion scheme. No more paper, capture a picture and signature using the tablet.



In venue incident log

Allows you to keep logs recording the need for Police and those incidents as a result of Alcohol, drugs or Gambling, simple drop downs give you great logs every time.

SmartALERT Icon


In venue machine fraud alerting platform

Share information, across operators and sectors, quickly and concisely to ensure and fraud, anti-social behaviour or suspicious activity is prevented.



Customer interactions

Interaction is the buzz word currently. Record them digital giving you visibility and confidence your operation is carrying out customer conversations at the right time.

AML Recording Icon

AML Recording

In venue logging of fake / foreign / stained notes and coins

An often overlooked requirement to keep a record of all fraudulent, stained or false notes and coins that end up in your machines.

AV Log Icon

AV Log

In venue Age Verification checks

Quicker than finding a pen, record all positive and negative Age Check challenges, giving you a full picture of all your challenges and results, evidence is the key.

ADR Icon


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Are you registered for ADR? Did you know you have to be as a licensed AGC or Bingo premise? We can offer ADR registration at a fraction of the cost.

AV Test Purchase Icon

Book an AV Test Purchase

Book your annual AV test purchase

Test purchasing is key to ensuring your venue is checking 21 or 25 and that you have confidence you are compliant, book your test purchase through us.

Local Area Risk Assessments Icon

Daily Checks

Create In-venue checklists

Daily Checks is our customisable checklist feature that allows you to create Daily, Weekly or Monthly checks for venues.

Compliance and Machine Management Advice Icon

Compliance Advice

Industry expertise at your fingertips

Got a question about compliance? Want to check something before you sign it off? Give our compliance hot line a call and get the answer.

Local Area Risk Assessments Icon


Digitally Record Venue Inspections

Our Check-In feature provides you with the ability to allow venues to confirm that they have visited specific venue areas and confirm the area is clear of issues or concerns. Digitally logging the date / time / location.

Compliance and Machine Management Advice Icon


In-venue Facial Recognition alerts

SmartDETECT is an internal notification platform, connected to in-venue facial recognition camera systems, that will assist in advising if self-excluders and under-age customers enter the premises.

Local Area Risk Assessments Icon

Accident Recording

Digitally Record In-venue Accidents

Accident Reporting feature provides venues with the ability to digitally record accidents that have occurred within the venue.

Compliance and Machine Management Advice Icon

Machine Ratio

Calculate and Record In-venue Machine Ratio

Machine Ratio Recording is a quick and easy tool to help Operators and Venues calculate their machine ratio and also provide evidence and record the ratio for future use.

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